$1200 – $500 Stimulus Boost May 2024 – Know Eligibility & Payment Date

In the United States of America, the $1200 – $500 Stimulus Boost May 2024 program is going to be started by the Internal Revenue Services department. The IRS department manages federal tax regulations and obtains taxes from the individuals and combined taxpayers of the country.

Recently, the IRS has decided to provide $1200 – $500 Stimulus Boost May Eligibility criteria for the citizens to become eligible for the program. The information related to the process of claiming the stimulus checks is discussed below.

$1200 – $500 Stimulus Boost May 2024

As per the reports, these stimulus checks are available for senior citizens who are suffering from financial crises in the country. Senior citizens who qualify for permanent disability and suffer financially due to the inability to do work are eligible for the program. Citizens with the age of 62 and above can also apply for the program.

$1200 - $500 Stimulus Boost

The $1200 – $500 Stimulus checks will help financially, and the IRS will also assist people in managing their expenses and purchasing prescribed medications and nutritious food for good health.

$1200 – $500 Stimulus Check 2024 Details

The government of the United States of America always comes forward to help its citizens in situations of sudden changes. The federal government gives authority to the IRS department to start or calculate stimulus checks for the citizens. They will start the tax paying dates, and citizens who pay their taxes before the deadline will be eligible to get stimulus checks as the payment of tax refund.

CountryUnited States of America
Governing PartThe Federal Government of the US
Amount$1200 – $500
Beneficiaries62 years or older people, people with low income and disabled people
CategoryGovernment Aid
Official Websitehttps://www.irs.gov/

The citizens also need to meet the requirements which are designed by the authorities to fulfil. Permanent citizens who are living in America and are the age of 62 years or above will receive the benefits of the program.

$1200 – $500 Stimulus Check 2024

The IRS Department organises the $1200 – $500 Stimulus Checks May 2024 under the US federal government for citizens whose age is 62 years or above, low-income families, and who have any disability. The boosted amount of $1200 – $500 will be directly deposited into the bank accounts of eligible residents under the country’s finance category.

To learn more about the details and status of payment, citizens can visit the official website – irs.gov, on their laptop or computer. As the authorities have yet to confirm the program, citizens need to wait until they release the official dates for approving it. Then, citizens can apply for it online and receive payment in their preferred mode.

Eligibility for $1200 – $500 Stimulus Boost 2024

Citizens need to qualify for the eligibility requirements to receive the benefits of the programs. So, here are the requirements given by the authorities for citizens are as follows:

  • An Applicant must be a permanent citizen of America (US).
  • An Applicant must be the age of 62 years or above.
  • Immigrants also have legal permits to work and are presently living there.
  • Dependents of the families and children above the age of 18 are eligible.
  • An Applicant must have a unique Social Security Number.
  • Citizens also need to pay their taxes before deadlines to be eligible for benefits.

$1200 – $500 Stimulus Boost AGI for Citizens

The Department of Internal Revenue Services has also decided the AGI for the citizens, which are as follows:

  • The head of the family must have an income less than or equal to $112,500.
  • Individuals must have an income less than or up to $75,000.
  • Married couples who jointly filed taxes must have income less than or up to $150,000.

When to Pay Estimated Tax

The citizens of the country need to know about the dates of paying estimated taxes and depending upon which they will receive the payment amounts. Some of the citizens will need to ensure that they pay taxes before taxes.

Payment DatesDue Dates
1st January – 31st March15th April
1st April – 31st May15th June
1st June – 31st August15th September
1st September – 31st December15th January of the following year

How will IRS Send Money for Stimulus Boost May 2024

The IRS will give stimulus check payments in the following ways:

  • Through Direct Deposit: The citizens who have provided their bank account details will receive payment directly by deposit.
  • Through the Paper Checks: The department can send paper checks to citizens who have yet to mention their bank details through their e-mail IDs.
  • Through Debit Cards: Citizens without bank account access will receive the payment through a debit card or Economic Impact Payments (EIP).

Claim $1200 – $500 Stimulus Boost May 2024

To claim, one must follow the necessary steps, which are mentioned below:

  • Firstly, open the official website – irs.gov, on your laptop or computer.
  • Now, read all the instructions and check the eligibility criteria.
  • File a tax return before the deadline.
  • Now, fill out the application form shown in the login portal.
  • Make sure every detail is correct and verified.
  • Submit your application by clicking on the submit button.
  • Then, wait for the department’s response.
Official Websitehttps://www.irs.gov/

So, all eligible citizens may claim this $1200 – $500 Stimulus Boost May 2024 payment by following the above steps.

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