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Delhi Urban Art Commission - (DUAC)
(A Statutory body under an Act of Parliament, Government of India)

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Delhi Urban Art Commission
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India Habitat Centre, 
Lodhi Road,
New Delhi-110 003.

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Unified Building Byelaws for Delhi of simplification of Unified Building Bye-laws for Delhi was taken up by the Commission in-house in terms of sanction letter received from the Ministry of Urban Development  dated 22.05.12 ,with the following objectives:-

(1) To simplify the procedure for getting the sanction/permit for construction of buildings.

(2) To consolidate the definition/listing of the relevant documents.

(3) Simplification of applicability aspects.

(4) To stipulate the competence and responsibilities of different professionals and the owner.

(5) To put together a simple ,clear and concise version of bye laws which can be easily followed by  both professionals as well as the owner.

Accordingly the Commission prepared the Unified Building Byelaws for Delhi (UBBL) and presented it to the Ministry of Urban Development in February 2013.In terms of a decision by the Ministry of Urban Development at a meeting chaired by the Secretary (UD) on 07.10.14 the Unified Building Byelaws for Delhi were uploaded on the websites of the Ministry of Urban Development, the DUAC and the DDA together with a public notice inviting suggestions on the subject up to 17.11.14. In terms of another decision at the same meeting a workshop was organised jointly by DUAC with the DDA on the topic on 21.10.14 to facilitate finalisation of the Byelaws which was attended by 110 participants and several

Joint workshop on Unified Building byelaws organized by DUAC and DDA on 21st October,2014

suggestions received from the participants. As decided at the Workshop, an Advisory Stakeholders Group comprising of 23 major stakeholders in Delhi had been created to provide their inputs on the Unified Building Byelaws .A meeting of the Advisory Group was held on the 26.11.14 in which valuable inputs were received from the participants. Also, a 9 member  Core Group comprising representatives of DUAC, DDA and the other local bodies and local authorities was constituted as decided by the Commission at its 1367th meeting held on 05.11.14  which held eight meetings in which it considered  1000 plus suggestions received on the Unified Building Byelaws from various quarters. Simultaneously a four member Drafting Committee headed by the Chairman, DUAC  was constituted for  carrying out necessary modifications in the Unified Building Byelaws based on accepted suggestions which met on almost a daily basis for long durations  including on weekends to complete the assignment in hand on an emergent basis.

    On receiving the modified draft UBBL the Ministry of Urban Development organised a Workshop on the 08.01.2015 in which it invited stakeholders. Based on the suggestions given at the Workshop and subsequently received the Commission again held a series of meeting with the authorities and the other stakeholders , further modified the draft UBBL in a record time which has since been sent to the Ministry of Urban Development in March 2015 for notification.

Some of the salient features of the proposed UBBL for Delhi 2014 are as follows:

1. Procedure and documentation for ‘Saral’ Scheme for Small Residential Plots up to 105 sq.m in size located in approved layout throughout Delhi by furnishing an undertaking for intimation of construction start. The construction has to be completed in five years. After construction has been completed an intimation of completion of construction is to be submitted to the authority.

2.Provision for constitution of Grievance Redressal Committee especially for appeals/ clarification/ difficulties and redressal of complaints for general public related to building bye laws. The constituted committee shall meet at least a month and its decision shall be final and binding.

3. For plots above 105 sq.m to upto 10,000 sq. m (for residential) Specific time schedule (30 days) have been stipulated for according approvals by the various concerned bodies.

4. Provision of a High Powered review and monitoring committee to fast track approval and building plans for plots above 10000 sq. m or above  (for residential) and minimum plot area of 5000 sq.m in case of commercial and industrial, single window clearance has been proposed. Provision for scrutiny by various authorities/ agencies/ parastatal bodies within a time period of weeks.

5. Simplification of fees structure for different categories of localities across Delhi for getting building permit enabling uniformity across all agencies.

6. Redundant practices/ affidavits/ procedure have been done away with.

7. Mandatory provisions of public washrooms in public buildings under “SWACHH DELHI” with plot area more than 4000 sq mt free of ground coverage and FAR. It will be the responsibility of the owner to provide direct easy access to public from the main street.

8. Guidelines for integration of Art in all public buildings with the purpose to achieve aesthetic environment for the city.

9. New chapter providing for addressing High Rise Buildings in Delhi, in terms of general building condition and incorporation of features like safety from fire etc.

10. New Chapter providing for Structural Safety, Natural Disaster & Fire has been incorporated

11. Consolidation of general building requirements and provisions in tabular form for various building components.

12. New Chapter providing for incorporation of green building features like rainwater harvesting and wastewater recycling etc. have been made mandatory for new constructions above 105 sq.m for inclusive and sustainable green urban development.

13. New Chapter providing for differently abled persons for easy access and their specific needs, children and senior citizens.

14. Competence of various professionals like Engineers, Architects, and Town Planners, Structural Engineers, Geotechnical Engineers, Supervisors etc. has been clearly laid down.

15. Enabling citizens to obtain development control regulations for individual plots for ease in getting information in respect to planning requirements like coverage, FAR, Basement, Setback etc. under Bulk Characteristics clause.

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