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The Citizens of Alaska will receive the payment amount of $1,100 from the government as new direct stimulus checks.

In less than 15 days, people who need help from their government will get a $1100 stimulus check.

If you qualify for the program, remember to look at your bank account on May 16, 2024. That's when you'll get your payment.

You could apply for the 2024 program from January 1 to March 31. Now, the Permanent Fund Dividend Agency is sorting out payments for all of us.

If you're eager to get those PFD benefits, remember to sign up for the program next year. You'll also find out if you qualify for the 2025 round.

To be eligible for $1,100 Stimulus Checks a person must be a permanent citizen of Alaska and can’t be absent from the state for more than 180 days.

Currently, payments are mainly going towards the state's budget and taxes, leaving healthcare, public safety, and education programs short on funding.

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