Stimulus Check for Everyone, Eligibility & Payment Date

Full Details

The US government has launched an Internet Subsidy Program to help families who cannot access the internet facility.

The Affordable Connectivity Program will give up to $75 Monthly Stimulus Checks or subsidy for internet access.

The maximum benefit of up to $75 Monthly Stimulus Checks can be given to each household depending upon the eligibility.

The government will provide benefits for low income groups and the tribal land people. The subsidies provided will be different for the households. 

The ACP was launched three years ago, in 2021, after the pandemic and it was an aid for people to access the internet at home and use it for good purposes.

People getting benefits like SNAP, survivor’s benefits, Medicaid, veteran’s pension, etc. are also eligible.

The benefit will be applicable to every residential internet plan. If you are using cable, fiber, or DSL, you will get a subsidy of $30 and $75 under the Affordable Connectivity Program.

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