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Australia rolls out a fresh boost to its pension program in 2024, ensuring better financial assistance for its elderly citizens.

If you're a man aged 65 or older, or a woman aged 60 or above, you're eligible for this financial benefit designed to support older adults in Australia.

Every May and September, the Australian Government extends its pension program, ensuring ongoing support for retirees across the country.

The basic objective of this pension scheme was to provide financial help to Australian citizens of retirement age in old-age.

In the month of September in 2023, the officials had increased this pension scheme by $32.70 for each individual.

After the raise/increase, couples get $24.70, and singles get $32.70 as their pension, offering more support to older folks in Australia.

If you're single, you'll get 1,096 AUD, while couples receive 802 AUD, providing financial help for individuals and partners in Australia.

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