$500 Monthly Direct Stimulus Checks for Everyone – Know Eligibility & Payment Dates

The initiative of giving $500 monthly payments is known among citizens as Growing Resilience in Tacoma. The government will provide these new stimulus checks after adding additional payments to the citizens of Tacoma. To receive these benefits, citizens must know about the $500 Monthly Payment eligibility criteria and the $500 Monthly Payment Dates for the year 2024. Here, we have discussed the information about the program.

$500 Monthly Direct Stimulus Checks

The $500 payment will be given to the citizens every month for one year. This program is valid only for one year. The government will provide a total of 12 instalments with extra benefits amounting to $500 with stimulus checks to the citizens of the country. These instalments combine an amount of $6000 to the citizens for improving their lifestyle.

$500 Monthly Direct Stimulus Checks

Recently, the application form for receiving these payments has been opened for the citizens of Tacoma starting on 1st March 2024. Only eligible citizens, selected on the basis of Tacoma’s application, are eligible for the payment

The Department of Internal Revenue Services is actively participating in providing financial support to its citizens. They have confirmed that they will give a $500 Monthly payment to the citizens of Tacoma.

Overview Table on $500/Month Direct Stimulus Checks

Article Title$500 Monthly Direct Stimulus Checks
Program NameGolden State Stimulus
AuthorityFranchise Tax Board
Expected Payment DateApril 2024
CategoryGovernment Aid
Official Websitehttps://www.irs.gov/

$500 Monthly Direct Stimulus Checks

The growth resilience of Tacoma has developed into a partnership between Tacoma City and United Way. The reason for starting this partnership is to help the citizens of the neighbourhood who are below the poverty line and living a hard life. Citizens benefit from access to $500 cash every month for 12 months. They can use this money to stabilise their lives. They can earn up to 100% to 200% of the poverty line and improve their living standards.

The stimulus checks are payments that are made to the citizens of every country. But this $500 Monthly payment will be specially given to residents of Tacoma. However, only some citizens of Tacoma have access to payment. Their residents need to qualify for the eligibility process and have approved applications to receive those benefits

irs.gov $500 Monthly Payment Announcement Dates

The payment of $500 to the citizens of Tacoma will be credited directly to the bank accounts of eligible citizens. The root of this program is to remove poverty and help the citizens to grow their source of income.

There is no official announcement related to the payment date. But it is expected that the date will be released in the last week of April. April is considered the payment month. So, due to changes, the government hadn’t made any official announcement or released any official notice on their website.

The department has decided that 100 people will be selected for the application process. Then, a total of three groups are assigned to the citizens who are selected for the payment. The citizens of Group 1 and Group 2 will receive the e-mail from the authorities in September 2024. Other Group 3 members will only receive the phone call to ensure that they are selected for the payment.

Eligibility Criteria for $500 Monthly Payment

Eligibility criteria are very important to consider before applying. The Unity Way of Pierce County specially designs these criteria. They have made it very clear that only eligible citizens will get the payment. They wanted that only eligible citizens would receive the payment from the program.
Here are the factors of eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • The citizens must be living in Tacoma or must be permanent residents of the state.
  • The families can submit only one application for payment.
  • The citizens must be the sole parents of the child, whose age must be 17 years or less.
  • Citizens between 18 years and 65 years can apply for the program.

These are the criteria that they decide on for eligibility to receive the payment benefit. In addition to this, they have given some suggestions for other areas. The citizen areas that can fall under the program are 98444, 98445, 98405, 98408, 98409, 98418, or 98404 codes, which are considered eligible for the payment of $500 Monthly Payment 2024.

$500 Monthly Payment 2024 Stimulus Checks Details

This time, the government wanted to ensure that eligible citizens received the payment. Between April 2024 to May 2024, 180 citizens will receive Stimulus checks from the government.

The government has slowed down the process of distribution of money to avoid any crash and loss of payment. They will decide the number of candidates who will also receive the payment during a certain duration of time.

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