Aged Pension Increase Australia 2024 – Know Eligibility, Increment Amount & Payment Date

The Australian government has launched an old age pension scheme for its citizens. Under this scheme the government provides some financial benefits to its eligible aged citizens. Men aged 65 years or above and women aged 60 years or above are eligible for this financial benefit.

The Australian Government extends the pension scheme every year in may and again in September. If you want to apply for Aged Pension Increase Australia scheme, so you must visit the official website.

Aged Pension Increase Australia

The Australian Government has started this pension scheme in 1909 for the Australian Citizens. The basic objective of this pension scheme was to provide financial help to Australian citizens of retirement age in old-age. Therefore, all such Australian citizens who have retired from service and are elderly can avail the benefits of this pension scheme. In the month of September in 2023, the officials had increased this pension scheme by $32.70 for each individual.

Aged Pension Increase Australia

Aged Pension Increase Australia New Updates 2024

Generally this pension rate depends on CPI and PRLCI. Pension authorities check your income and assets, and if found legitimate, you get benefit from this scheme. The Australian Government provides pension on different criteria for men and women.

This age pension has been fixed to provide financial assistance to the elderly. There is always a change in this in may; there is also an estimate of increase in this old age pension in 2024. In September 2023, the Government had increased the benefit rates of this pension by one fortnight.

After the increase, this old age pension has increased to $ 24.70 for couples, while for singles this old age pension has increased to $ 32.70. Both these rates are increased every fortnight. And all those men who have completed 65 years of age and all those women who have completed 60 years of age can avail the benefit of this pension.

Changes in Aged Pension Rate

A person who is disabled and has retired from service, then the age of retirement is challenging for that person. Such people depend on their families for expenses. Therefore, the Australian government had decided to provide financial assistance to people of this age.

According to the new Aged Pension Rate, eligible Australian citizens will now enjoy benefit rates. If a person is single, he is eligible for 1,096 AUD, for couples it is 802 AUD. On the other hand, the pension of a couple can also be equal to the pension of a single person. Now if someone gets separated due to illness, then everyone will receive a single person rate.

Aged Pension Increase Australia Documents Required

The Government of Australia has listed some important documents to avail this pension. If you have this document, then on the basis of these documents you can apply for old age pension. The documents you will need to complete the application are available point wise:

  • You must have your birth certificate.
  • Both driving license and bank account will be required.
  • Income tax file number is mandatory.
  • You are a citizen of Australia; hence for this you will need residence certificate, passport and citizenship document. ( For Proof)
  • If you are married, you will need a marriage certificate.

Therefore, if you want to apply for this pension, and then collect all the information written above in the application because all these documents will be verified after applying and if you are found eligible, you will get the benefit of this pension.

How to Claim Aged Pension Increase Australia

If you are an Australian citizen and are old, you can avail this pension. To avail this pension, you have to fulfil certain eligibility criteria made by the government. Only a person living in Australia for 10 years can avail the benefit of this pension.

Officials will examine your assets and income. The criteria to qualify for age pension are certain, if you qualify the criteria, you can claim age pension through the steps given below:

  • First of all you have to go to myGov account.
  • Your account must be linked to the Central Link Online account.
  • Now here you have to select the option of single and couple with whom you want to apply.
  • Now fill all the information and attach whatever documents are required.
  • After filling the documents and information, click on the submit button.
  • After submission, finally select the claim option.
  • As soon as you select the claim option, you will receive a confirmation notification.
  • After making your claim, the officials will provide you information about whether you are eligible or not through notification.
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  1. Is the $1800.00 payment given in a lump sum, or in fortnightly increments. I’m not sure. I’m a 77yr old lady living alone on the aged pension with no other income or asset’s. Am I entitled to the above mentioned sum, or the $400.00. I’m not sure.

  2. We my wife and i are already recipient of age pension and all the documents requested above is already in mygov.
    Is it necessary for us to resubmit these documents
    WE are already in the SYSTEM.


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