Australia Disability Support Pension Increase – Know Amount, Eligibility & Payment Date

The Australian government has decided to increase the Disability Support Pension for disabled people. The increase in the cost of living and the consumer price index have made it difficult for the disabled to survive. The government will give increments of around $31.10 to $44.90 to each disabled person. The amount will vary according to the disabled person and their age. The details of the payment date are not released yet on the official site. In this post, we will share the details about the Disability Support Pension.

Australia Disability Support Pension Increase

This year the Department of Human Services is planning to increase the Disability Support Pension amount by $31.10 to $44.90. The DSP is increased because of inflation and increased living costs in Australia. The carers of the disabled and the dependent disabled will be the beneficiaries. The amount will be different for disabled individuals who are living independently and for people who are under foster or nursing care.

This year, the department increased the amount for the disabled group who are below 21 years and the amount is different for couples and singles.

Australia Pension Increase 2024 – Overview

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Possible Increase DSP Amount

The Disability Pension Act 1908 worked for the betterment of disabled people. This year the disabled pension amount has been increased. Those individuals who have permanent or long-term mental or physical disability and cannot work are eligible for this payment.

Australia Disability Support Pension Increase

Here we have shared the total amount for married and singles. This amount includes basic rate, pension supplement, and energy supplement. Kindly check the amount according to different individuals below:

  • If you are married, then each individual is entitled to $826.70. The total combined amount is $1653.40.
  • If you are single, then you will get $1096.70.
  • Dependent singles who are below 18 will get $548.80.
  • Single and independent individuals will get $792.50.
  • Dependent singles between 18 and 20 will get $608.70.
  • Independent singles between 18 and 20 will get $792.50.

These are the pension rates for all the eligible applicants. The rates were increased for 2024 for every disabled person.

Disability Support Pension Increase Eligibility

The disabled people who are applying for the payments should know if they come under the eligibility factors. In this section, we have shared the details about the eligibility for the Disability Support Pension:

  • One should have a long-term disability that prevents them from earning.
  • One has to be a resident of Australia for minimum ten years.
  • People having HIV or AIDS category 4.
  • Permanently blind individuals can apply.
  • Intellectual, physical, or mentally impaired people can apply.
  • People with temporary disabilities of two years or less can apply.
  • All medical proof is needed to prove disability.

If you can meet such factors, then you can apply for disability support from the Department of Human Services. People considered in any of the above categories can seek financial assistance from the government.

How To Apply For Disability Support Pension?

People can fill in the form online and offline for the Disability Support Pension. The government provides easy steps to claim payment under the Disability Support Pension. Here are the few steps through which you can claim the payments.

  • If your Centrelink account is connected to the mygov portal, then go to MyGov.
  • Enter the details of your account to log in to the Mygov portal.
  • Now, options like ‘view claim status’ and ‘make a claim’ will appear on your screen.
  • To claim the payment, choose ‘make a claim’. Enter all the required details along with the supporting documents.
  • Now review the complete form and click the submission button.
  • The authorities will update you about your claim status.

Disabled people can also track their form using an ID number. They can visit their account on mygov and enter details to track their application and the dates of payment. You can get all details about the payment dates and how much you will be paid by the government under this pension benefit according to your eligibility.

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