Australian Visa Update – Changes You Need to Know (April 2024)

People who are permanent citizens of Australia or immigrants need to know about the latest visa news. The government of Australia has made some changes in its visa procedures in order to reduce the processing times. Some of the changes include an increase in application cost, new citizenship for some countries, banning visas for some countries, etc. So, those who are planning to visit Australia must learn about their Visa Updates. In this blog, we have discussed the update in detail.

Australian Visa Update

The government of Australia has reported the issue of time taken to process visa applications. The priority of their government is to provide an on-hand visa, which is difficult due to applications.

Australian Visa Update

These new changes came into action on 1 July 2024 for all the people of the world. Citizens of different countries need to know about these four major updates decided by the Australian government. They are giving more than $100 billion to the Australian Border Forces to provide a safer and more secure country for the people living in their country.

Australian Visa Update Important factor

The Australian government has made changes in Australian visas for various citizens living in the country and for citizens coming from other countries. Here, we are showing some of the important factors related to an Australia Visa on the basis of the following points-

  • If you need to travel to or enter Australia, you will need a valid Australia visa.
  • If you are entering Australia from another country, you will need to provide your biometrics. To do this, you will need to locate the nearest Australia Visa Application Centre.
  • Before traveling to Australia, you should check the conditions of your visa, its validity, and all visa-related details properly.
  • When traveling to Australia, also check which items you are allowed to bring and which are not.

Australian Visa Update: Major Updates for All

Citizenships for New Zeland

New Zealanders who have lived in Australia for more than four years can directly apply for citizenship. They don’t need to apply again for a renewable visa.

All the citizens who fall under the special subcategory of 444 visas, those who have lived in the country since 21 February 2001, are eligible for this program benefit.

Banned Potential Visa

The government of Australia has discussed and decided to ban potential visas for some countries. They wanted to ensure safety and maintain peace for their citizens. Countries like Russia, Iran, and Iraq are affected by this statement of Australia. This is not the final statement; it is still, and chances are higher that such states will get banned from applying for a visa in Australia.

New Visa for Pacific Migrants

In this update, they are introducing a special new visa, which contains around 3000 places for migrants from Pacific countries and Timor Leste. These citizens need to wait until the government starts the application form from 1st July 2024. This procedure is completed under the management of the Australian Home Affairs Department.

Skilled Work Regional Visa

According to the reports, skilled workers working in New South Wales can relax. The department’s first preference is their visa application, which doesn’t need to follow long steps. They can directly apply for citizenship without any specific criteria or formalities. If they fall under the special category of the 491 class, then the process would be simpler and faster.

Major Changes to Student Visa

After the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a shortage of workers and employees in Australia, so the student visa was relaxed. The weekly work limit was increased to 40 hours. Now, more students can go abroad and work for living and personal expenses.

From 1 July, graduate visa holders can also stay longer in Australia. For example, the government will provide an extra 3-year time period for a 4-year degree or bachelor’s. For master’s, the extendable period will be up to three years. Medical students who have a course of 6 years can live up to 4 years extra on the graduate visa.

How to Apply for Australian Visa?

  • If you need to learn how to apply for an Australia visa, you should use Visa Finder.
  • You will need supporting documents to apply, so keep them collected.
  • Now, launch online using your ‘ImmiAccount.’
  • Now, make an online payment for your Visa through your ImmiAccount’.
  • You can estimate the cost of your Visa using the Visa Pricing Estimator.
  • Now, submit your application.

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