New Driving Licence Rules 2022 – Driving Rules Changed Check Online

Driving Licence Rules: If you are more than 18 years of age then today’s article is for you because driving license is such a document that only people above 18 years of age can use and get it made. Through this we are going to provide you information about the new rules issued for driving license, through which you will get information about your driving license.

This driving license is a certificate to drive all the vehicles such as two wheelers and four wheelers and more so that your authenticity can be checked whether you are eligible to drive this vehicle or not. You are given this driving license.

Driving Licence Rules

Driving license was implemented by the central government, which has made strict rules for its use by all the people across the country, in which every year these rules are being improved further, this time also changes have been made in these rules, the details of which we will give you. We will provide below through this page through which you will get information about your driving license.

So if you have also completed the age of 18 years and want to make your driving license, then first of all check the Driving Licence Rules of driving license updated on this page of ours, through which you can get driving license and its You will not face any problem in using it, so you must read this page of ours.

Personal Driver’s License & Perpetual Driver’s License

License ClassType of Vehicle
MC EX50CCLMVs with 50CC capacity or more and gear. Ex- motorcycle, car, etc.
M/CYCL.WGAll motorcycles (with or without gear).
MC 50CCMotorcycles with engine capacity of 50 CC or less.
LMV-NTLMVs for non-transport purposes
MCWOG/FVGMotorcycles without gear & any engine capacity. Ex- scooters and mopeds.

Driving Licence Rules Update 2022

All of you will be happy to know that according to the Driving Licence Rules, you will not have to give any vehicle test and also the license will be delivered directly to your home, for which you will not have any kind of problem and also many information related to it is given below. Must read in the table so that you will get information about the Driving Licence Rules passed:-

  • Now no person will have to give any kind of test to get a driving license.
  • You can get your driving license even sitting at home because online facility has been started for you, through which your license will be delivered to your home.
  • According to the new rule issued by the government, you will have to get training by the Motor Training School, only after which you will be given certificate and license through online medium and your nearest RTO office.

Commercial Driving License

License ClassType of Vehicle
HGMVHeavy Goods Motor Vehicle
MGVMedium Goods Vehicle
TrailerHeavy Trailer License
CategoryDriving Licence Rules
HMVHeavy Motor Vehicles
LMVMotorcars, jeeps, taxis & delivery vans
HPMV/HTVHeavy Passenger Motor Vehicle/ Heavy Transport Vehicle

Driving Licence Rules 2022

  • Trainer imparting driving education to the youth by the training school should have passed class 12th.
  • Trainer should have 5 years driving certificate and should be aware of all traffic rules.
  • Driving center should have 1 acre of land if it is teaching two wheeler and three wheeler vehicles.
  • The institution imparting education of four wheelers and large passenger vehicles should have more than 2 acres of land, only then they will be granted license to impart training.

If you are also wanting to get a driving license, then first of all you must be having trouble whether to get a driving license or a learning license, then let us tell you through this page that you will first have to get a learning license, after which you will have to learn from it for 6 months. The vehicle will have to be driven with the license, after which after 6 months you will be given a driving license which is valid, these rules have been passed by the government, which is very important for all the youth to follow.

How to get driving license

According to the Driving Licence Rules for getting a driving license, Driving Licence Rules have been made, for which first of all you have to get training to drive the vehicle by the Motor Training School, on the basis of which the certificate of your training will be given, this training certificate can be obtained from your nearest RTO office.

You can get your driving license by showing it in you, which will be obtained only after any vehicle test made by you because you have been given a certificate by the motor training school that you have learned driving well from us and you are eligible for driving license. Huh.

Driving Licence Rules FAQs

What is the age limit for getting driving license?

Applicant’s age should be more than 18 years to get driving license.

Is it mandatory to have a driving license?

If you drive any vehicle, then it is very important to have a driving license, otherwise you may have to pay a fine, so it is necessary to make this driving license.