Facebook $30 Settlement Payout 2024 – Claim Status Check & Payment Date

Many people in California have filed a lawsuit against Facebook regarding privacy issues. The matter was in court and the result was waiting. But, now the federal court judge of California has announced the final result of the settlement payout. Facebook now has to give $725 million to every individual who has suffered privacy issues with their accounts on Facebook.

The Facebook $30 Settlement Payout per person distribution will depend on the duration of the account of an individual on Facebook during the prescribed period.

Facebook $30 Settlement Payout

Facebook has lost the class-action suit against privacy issues. The judge of California has announced that Facebook will be paying $725 for the losses. According to the estimates, there were about 17 million claimants from California, which is a huge figure. The part of this amount will be divided into each claimant. The payout for each eligible claimant will be around $30.

Facebook $30 Settlement Payout Overview

CompanyFacebook Inc.
ArticleFacebook $30 Settlement Payout
CountryUnited States of America
Settlement Amount$725 Million
Benefit Amount$30 per Person
CategoryGovernment Aid
Official Websitehttps://facebookuserprivacysettlement.com/

Facebook Settlement Payout Eligibility

Facebook has announced the basic eligibility criteria to become the claimant of the grant offered under the Settlement Payout of $30. An individual claiming to be the claimant under this scheme should be a US resident from May 24, 2007, to December 22, 2022. Also, one doesn’t need to prove your eligibility with any data.

Facebook $30 Settlement Payout

Each claimant who wants to get the payment should have a Facebook account during this duration only. If you have ever deleted or deactivated your account during this period, then you can also become the claimant.

Facebook $30 Settlement Payout Distribution

The payment distribution has not been initiated for now. However, the authorities have decided to pay in a ninety-day window since the orders were released in October 2023. Facebook said that the payment based on the predetermined payment methods and the distribution would be done accordingly.

People can decide the mode of payment while filing the form. It can be either an electronic transfer, through Venmo, PayPal, etc. One can get payment through payment checks or through MasterCard. Mastercard is the way to credit payment for those without a bank account. Payments will be made by the administrators once the payments are approved as it is on hold due to some objectors.

Facebook $30 Settlement Payout Status

To check the status, follow the points mentioned below:

  • Search for the online site of Facebook Settlement Facebook, which is facebookuserprivacysettlement.com.
  • Enter the ID of your Facebook statement. You can check if the payment has been approved. If it has been denied, you have ten days to reclaim it.
  • You will then be notified by the Facebook Settlement team through mail telling them the reason for the rejection of the appeal.
  • You can apply for it again after checking the reason for disapproval. Also, attach any evidence that proves your appeal strongly.

What should I do if my Facebook Settlement Claim is denied?

Sometimes users may face problems while making claims under the Facebook Settlement. Moreover, if your appeal has been rejected by the team, then the team will notify you via email. You can check for the reason in the mail. Moreover, one can again appeal on Facebook by visiting the settlement website. You have to enter your ID and login to the portal. Once you are logged in, you can appeal against the rejection with the necessary evidence. If any changes are required, you can do it.

Factors affecting the $30 Facebook Settlement Payout

Generally, Facebook follows two methods to make the payment for the settlement. The amount for claim given by Facebook is $725. Moreover, there are 17 million claimants. On average, the amount that each claimant will get would be $30. However, two processes will be followed here:

  • Number of Claimants: If there are more claimants, then the amount divided will be less. Because the amount will be divided between every claimant.
  • Length of Facebook Account: If the individual has an active account on Facebook for a longer duration during the prescribed time, then he is likely to get more money.
  • If the claimant is given each point for every month in which he has an active account. The total of these points will help to determine the sum that has to be given to the individual.

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