SASSA SRD Grant Changes 2024, Government Added These New SRD R350 Regulations in April

The government of South Africa always stays concerned about the financial status of their citizens. Due to the increase in inflation rates, many low-income families are suffering from financial crimes which led to sudden changes in their lifestyle.

This also causes starvation and inability to work due to some permanent disability in their lives. The government has improved the Social Relief of Distress distribution among the citizens with an increase of R350 to the eligible citizens of the country.

SASSA SRD Grant Changes 2024

The South African government has started a new series of Social Relief Distress which grants R350 to the citizens. This department will be handled by Social Development Minister Lindiwie Zulu. They have started this program to help the eligible candidates of the country. They wanted to support citizens to improve their country’s status. They will provide financial aid to all the needy people and support them to learn new skills and get a stable job in the country.

SASSA Incorrect SRD R350 Payments

The South African government has stated that those people who have received the payment of R350 from the government and are not eligible for it. Then, the government can recover their complete payment from the citizens.

Social Development Minister Lindiwe Zulu has come out in media and explained about this. He said that if any person had received the payment by mistake and is not qualified for the citizens from whom the program has launched, then government may ask for recovering the government’s money.

SASSA SRD Grant Changes 2024

He shares that there a stable criteria designed by the department to identify the people who are eligible for the program or not. They have also shared these guidelines on their official website. People can also check about all these updates there.

The people who suffered during COVID-19 and come under Social Relief of Distress in Covid-19 are eligible for this program. Other entitled and program eligibility criteria don’t apply there. They must be aware of their process of application for payment of the program.

SASSA SRD Grant Changes 2024 Updates & Benefits

The African minister Zulu stated that the person who is looking for this program must have registered bank details with SASSA. A person’s personal and professional details are related to their country.

The person whose application is considered eligible for payment but hasn’t received any payment. He/she hadn’t even contacted the agency to update their personal or professional details. The government didn’t find any contact related to them and they became untraceable during the distribution period.

Grant TypeValueIncrease (2024)Beneficiaries (as of Dec 2023)
Foster CareCurrent: R1,130
April 2024: R1,180
R50 (4.4%)222,317
Child SupportCurrent: R510
April 2024: R530
R20 (3.9%)13,067,314
Old Age (>75 years)Current: R2,110
April 2024: R2,200
October 2024: R2,210
R100 (4.7%)3,999,326

The government may declare these people as blacklisted from the program and unable to apply in the future for any program for the benefit of citizens launched by the government. The minister also shares that, this is the complete responsibility of citizens to ensure that agencies have their complete documents and latest bank details. A person must take full responsibility for the details mentioned in the application and check for updates of payment in the department.

SASSA SRD Grant Increase and Its Impact

The increase in payment made by the government to stabilize the life of citizens. They wanted to help their citizens to live a comfortable and happy life in their country. This increase in grant payment program started on 1st April 2024 of the year. This is the first time that the program has raised the payment given to citizens.

The organization of Social Relief of Distress will manage the whole process of payment. They are being ordered by the government to verify every individual’s details before making any payment. People can apply for this program to be eligible on their official website. There are more than R2 billion people who can apply for this program and take increased payment of R350 which the government grants.

The chief economist of the country has announced in the media that this is the first time increase in payment since 2020. In 2020, this plan was launched by the government to help people who lost their loved ones and families during COVID-19.

This is the reason that the government organized these programs for people. You need to follow all the given details and updates made by the government. This will help you to be eligible for this program.

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